Rhulani Ngobeni, also known by his street names; unaPeace and unaRhudeboy is a self-taught multitalented, multidisciplinary artist and designer. In 2013 he was enrolled at the University of Cape Town as an Architecture student. The exposure to the verity of culture provided by the university environment became the catalyst to stimulate the experimental nature of both his sound and visuals. His work is very personal to the experiences of his life, a source of therapy, and a step towards enlightenment.

His sound and visual are influenced by the conversational nature of Jazz music. Giving his opinion about the state of life, both his, and society in fluent poetry. The final result is very experimental, either pilling away layers to become minimalistic in his style of storytelling, or adding layers to make up for what is lacking. It is emotional and atmospheric, bringing into focus the effects of environment and relationships on our well being.

Born in Soweto, 1993, a year just before the election of the ANC as the leading party of the new democratic South Africa. He had the privilege to grow up around some of the best talents South Africa has to offer. From soccer players to actors; artists and businessmen. The influence began very early in his life. He introduced himself to the public scene in 2019 through events he organized with his friends in popular restaurants and clubs in Cape Town, featuring venues such as The Main Loaf, Raptor Room and The Waiting Room to name a few. Very driven and motivated, he continues to create artwork that seeks to break boundaries and create connections.



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FACEBOOK: Peace (una rhude-boy)

INSTAGRAM: @rhud3.boy


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