I'm Hannah. I guess now would be a good time for a typical introduction such as what I am who I am and why I am. I am a person who loves. I love God, I love people I love creation. I love being able to introduce people to God, to people, to creation. I try to do so by loving God, people and creation. Maybe you will see it in the pieces I draw, maybe you will hear it in the words I string together. I want my life to be a reflection of love in its purest form. God is love so I want to show people him at every opportunity I get. He was a servant to his people, so I choose to be the same. I'm a nurse at heart and I so happen to work in a hospital. Wrapped up in my words and in my heart are the experiences, people and places I've encountered. I endeavor to share them with you the people, His people, Loved people. I also happen to be a coffee addict, a meme freak and a mean chef.



Coffee shops excite her.

She told me that it's something about the awful stillness in the atmosphere, and the rapid heartbeat she suddenly had, by even the smell of freshly ground coffee beans.

I keep telling her to get off caffeine, because of that.

I love watching her take in the atmosphere in all of its glory. I arrive early to our coffee dates to just sit and wait for the chance to watch her as she subconsciously becomes a child again.

She always walks in from the busy, noisy outside world, into the quiet peaceful coffee shop. She walks in so gracefully, as if to match the spirit and tempo of the place, or maybe as if to try and not disturb the peace of it.

Per usual she walks in and stands in line, sharing smiles with whoever stands close enough to feel them. She then proceeds to look around the shop, soaking up the artwork of both the shop and of the people present, while waiting to put one foot in front of the other.

She never told me so, but I know she always tries to figure out who the people in the seats of the coffee shop are . She's always had this fascinated look on her face while she clearly wonders whether or not the regular customer: a gentlemen with specs and suit. Is indeed the accountant he looks to be. As he strictly drinks his double shot of espresso between 10:00 and 10:30 am, and so happens to always wear a suit and carry a briefcase.

Just as the gentleman grabs his coat and heads for the door, she is up at the till giving her order. She is always greeted with genuine smiles and the usual "what would it be today miss?" the barista asks not because he doesn't know what she'll be having, but rather because he knows her quite well and knows that she will eye the menu a few times before ordering the same thing she always does.

As she waits for her steaming coffee, she asks about the barista's day, who then proceeds to tell her all about his life, in the short span of 3 minutes. Believe me, she has that affect on people.

After receiving her drink she thanks the barista kindly before eyeing the room for me. She does this because I never sit in the same place. Don't ask me why. I just do.

As she sees me, she smiles and greets me with a warm smile and then comes and sits in the chair closest to me. As we get comfortable, I start telling her about my week, and she listens long and hard with her hands wrapped around her cup and her legs crossed.

As the morning goes on she tells me stories from here and there, and I feel myself excited to see the expressions on her face and the passion in her voice, it's almost tangible and certainly contagious. She always has one last sip, and then I know it's time for her to get back to work. I take in the last few moments, before walking her to the entrance.

As I walk back inside the quiet coffee shop again after our quick goodbyes I sit back down in the corner I chose to sit at today, and I realize that she always tells me how she feels most alive here. Although most people find excitement in other things, such as clubs, raves, parties, cinemas, amusement parks, you name it.

I think she excites me, just the person that she is, and the way she views life is so beyond precious and the idea of sitting alone with her here in this place, excites me me more than anything else. Or maybe , it is just coffee shops that excite me and all I'm feeling, is what she feels when she walks in here. Either way. It's exciting to feel alive again.



I always thought love at first sight was a lie that old people used, to try and lure us young ones into the den of broken hopes and shattered fantasies. I've heard rare stories of people just instantly knowing that they've met "the one". You see this is not me debating on whether or not there is "the one" we will leave that subject for a rainy day, but today I met a young man who began to gush about his fiance. I didn't even need to ask about her, he just went on and on. Which I thought was beautiful. He then began to tell me how the minute he laid eyes on her he knew she was it. Immediately I thought with rolled eyes "agh not you too." as he continued I saw the sincerity and love in the twinkle of his eyes. I thought I was going to be sick. Jokes aside. I told him how I admire that he has a sense of certainty and security in one person, which is something I cannot grasp for I've never truly had it . I love people. But it kind of freaks me out that one day in 50 years from now I'll be with someone who still finds my crappy jokes hilarious. Or more so I'm scared they have crappy jokes and I'll have to fake laugh my way through life. You see though, I realized love at first sight may be real. Or so they claim to say. However I've gotten to know the love that began BEFORE sight. You've guessed it ladies and gentlemen. I'm talking about Jesus. I've always been certain of him and he's most definitely always been certain of me. So I guess I can allow him to handle my love life one day. I mean after all he knows me better than I know myself. Thank goodness aswell because half the time I have no idea what I'm doing. So I figured instead of imagining how one day I'll be certain of another person for life. I'll just cling to the one who makes me certain and who gave me life.our commitment to customers and how you stand out from the crowd. Add a photo, gallery or video for even more engagement.


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