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Soul Sounds was founded in 2016 by Ledama Masidza with the objective of helping artist of all kind get exposure and the boost they need to get their career started



Looking back, each period in my life has been accompanied by a type of music, whether it was house music when I was a preteen or indie pop when I was first entering high school. Music is something we can't escape, but why would you want to. Growing up, my family was also very big on music with everyone being able to play an instrument and not before long a trumpet landed on my lap. 
Trumpet was very instrumental in leading me to further want to learn other instruments such as the trombone, piano, and guitar, and it was through learning the trumpet that I got my first taste of Jazz and Soul. However, it was only a few years later when my two friends and I decided to form a free playing band, that I finally understood that jazz was a language and I wanted to say more. This marked the start of a period which I don't think is going to end anytime soon as I am still on my journey with Jazz and Soul, and as there is so much to learn, discover and understand I hope to keep unearthing more, and bring you on this journey with me.



music is a lifestyl that requires time and comitment as i have leared from my 10 years of playing the violin and from watching my brother

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