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Shingie West is a creative writer. She writes poetry to inspire others on the silver lining in life. Her inspiration comes from her own life's experiences joys and sorrow 

Love life with thankfulness for today, Love life with patience and hope for tomorrow.

Love life is all about changing your preception, improving one's viewpoint realising that in the midst of pain and agony, challenges and discouragement, hate and vengeance that there is happiness and laughter, triumphs and confidence, love and reconciliation. 



I'm sorry  I look so down and I continue to carry this frown. But these feelings of despair are starting again. I've been  negotiating  with him i have begun to bargain.  It's not my lack of trust but these feelings these feelings

My heart belongs to you but the impatience of my mind is causing a chemical reaction that's putting my heart in action. And then again these feelings, swelling inside me ready to blow into a gushing flood of tears. It's not because I'm a woman,  I just have these fears and  today these feelings these feelings 

I think I want it so so bad I'm nervous confused and mad. Im worried it might not come true but i have declared this want to him. Please hear me, let it come true. I believe, I believe. Wait, then anxiety shows up, I begin to sweat I can't breathe I need air let me out let me out, again these feelings these feelings 

I need to start again pack them all in their usual boxes and carry on. So frustration, anger, hurt, despair top shelf, love, hope, honesty middle shelf, peace, silence, monotony I need you within reach bottom shelf. Finally these feelings these feelings 

All I want is to be numb, keep away love and hope cos you never give up on me. All I want is silence is that too much to ask but the clinging of Anger, hurt, despair and frustration keep my head on loud and again these feelings these feelings


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